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How to Reduce Body Heat with Ayurveda and Balance the Pitta Dosh

Ayurveda, a unique set of medicinal knowledge, has been practised in India for the time immemorial. What originated through years of experience and thoughtfully studying the human body by Indian sages centuries ago, has now found a renewed sense of resounding across the world. In the age of advanced technology and medicinal science, an ancient stream of medicine is taking the world by storm. Its deep-rooted understanding of why something goes wrong in our bodies and how it can be treated through some very earthy adjustments in lifestyle and diet has shaken the world and enticed it to pause and take notice. Such has been the power of Ayurveda that even the most advanced countries are adapting it.

One of the main philosophies that Ayurveda resounds in is that everybody has their own Prakriti, a stream of energy, which when flows against its nature, causes discomfort and discord in the human body. One such energy is heat or Pitta. It is one of the three doshas, known to govern the metabolism and the resulting transformation of the body. Pitta is responsible for controlling the digestive process in our body while controlling the agni or heat from going into overdrive and causing extreme discomfort.

However, in this age of intense lifestyle changes, rising temperatures and inconsistent and often unhealthy diets, Pitta mismanagement has become quite common. As summer embarks, the Pitta in our body increases, causing intense generation of heat. Characterised as being hot, oily and light, excess accumulation of Pitta can lead to increased heat generation, acid influx, gas, indigestion, inflammation of the body joints, anger, irritability, constipation, excessive sweating and a lot more. Balancing the Pitta Dosha in our body can rid you of all these conditions. The question is, how to reduce body heat with Ayurveda. And the answer is quite simple, by following the below-mentioned steps.

Here’s how to reduce Pitta from body and regulate body heat

Regularising Pitta is not as difficult a task to reduce body heat with Ayurveda. All you need to do is balance your diet and make some necessary changes to your lifestyle. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Include Pitta-reducing and cooling foods in your diet

We are what we eat. Maintaining a balanced and well-nourished diet is how to reduce pitta immediately. Include food items that are high in water content. Things like watermelon, coconut, cucumber, lemons, and buttermilk are great choices. Sprouted whole moong or dal have cooling vipaka and is easy to digest, helping in balancing pitta dosha. Items like ghee and flax seeds have a cooling effect on both mind and body and mint is great for digestion, respiratory problems, nausea, headache, etc. Neems leaves are believed to balance pitta and have a cooling effect on Rakht Dhatu, resulting in blood cleansing.

2) Exercise at the right time to balance Pitta

Any form of physical work generates bodily heat and if you have Pitta Dosha, untimely or unformulated exercise can aggravate the situation. It is better to rethink your exercise regimen and change your habits accordingly. Go for routines that are less strenuous, especially during the summer. Go for a brisk walk early in the morning rather than doing intense cardio. Choose swimming over running or gymming. Simply, ensure that your body doesn’t overheat while doing any form of exercise.

3) Ayurvedic massage with pitta cooling oils 

Ayurveda has comprehensive remedies to ensure you live a healthy and hearty life. Ayurvedic massages are one of them. Massaging your body with herbal oils improves blood circulation and cools your body down. Coconut oil is considered to be one of the most effective oils in Ayurveda to regulate body temperature and balance Pitta Dosha. There are plenty of Ayurvedic oil mixes available in the market that you can use. These oils are a mix of finely chosen herbs and aushadhis (natural medicines) and they provide the much-needed relief.

4) Herbal teas to the rescue 

Ayurveda recommends drinking hot drinks over cold ones and herbal teas are one of the most effective drinks to balance pitta and provide instant relief to your body and mind. Herbal teas made from cumin seeds, coriander, rosewater, fennel seeds, etc improve body metabolism and reduce body temperature. Chamomile tea and peppermint teas are also effective in balancing the Pitta.

5) Balance your inner peace for better Pitta balance 

More often than not, our bodies are regulated by our mental state. The more we stress or remain at bay with peace, the more our body is likely to be agitated. Ayurveda advises maintaining a peaceful state of mind and body for better health. Doing yoga and meditation is one sure way of doing so. This will keep your Pitta regulated and lower the heat produced, especially during summer. This has become all the more important in our stressful lives where we are constantly battling different challenges. There is a lot of intensity in our lives, and yoga and meditation allow us to release that stress in a healthy way.

When Pitta Dosh occurs, the body heat increases, resulting in undesirable health conditions. However, Ayurveda has all the answers. Using Ayurvedic medicine to reduce body heat, balancing Pitta through proper diet, regulated lifestyle, ayurveda massages and being peaceful are some sure ways to maintain the right body heat. Ayurveda is all about scientific remedial discourses that emphasise bodily energies and create a harmonious physical and mental state for better health. It might be ancient, but it has solutions to most modern health challenges that we often face.

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