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10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s most exuberant city offers a lot in terms of enjoying life. Its tantalizing tourist industry, cultural vibrancy, lovely weather and amazing food make the city one of the best places to visit and spend some quality time. However, Sydney is a lot more than what catches the eye. It is also home to some really great yoga teacher training centres providing quality yoga training to aspiring and experienced teachers. Not just that, there is an active community of yoga enthusiasts, making Sydney a melting pot of like-minded people intermingling and sharing knowledge about this ancient art form. 

With so many options of quality teacher training courses available in Sydney means you are left with a tough choice to make. In a scenario like this, choosing the right center and training module can be a challenge, especially if your needs are specific. With ample choices available, you might end up with something undesirable. To make your choice easy, we bring this comprehensive list of the best yoga teacher training in Sydney. Here, we list down what the centre is all about, the courses it provides and why you should choose a particular one.

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Top 10 best teacher training in Sydney 2023

  1. Yoga School of India

Established in the year 2010, the Yoga School of India is deeply rooted in the ancient philosophy of yoga and provides authentic ancient Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga teacher training programs. Fully accredited by Yoga Australia, the centre provides the highest standard of teacher training programs by experienced and renowned Indian teachers. Their 200 hours program of transformative training is best known for its pedagogy soaked in Sage Patanjalis Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga scripters. 


You can contact the centre to find out about the course fees.

  1. Kylie Hennessy Yoga

Headed by Kylie Hennessy, this centre offers a variety of TTC including 200 hour blended learning, pre and post-natal 50 hours blended learning and yoga therapy 600 hour blended learning. You can choose the program depending on your experience or what you wish to learn. These courses provide detailed learning about anatomy, physiology, etc. Perfect for both beginners and experienced yoga teachers, you can learn teaching skills, assessment skills, etc to help you become a certified, registered and recognized yoga trainer. 

The courses here are available at $3,300.


  1. Body Mind Life 

Member of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, Body Mind Life is one of the most popular yoga teacher training in Sydney. With part-time and full-time 200 hour teacher training programs available, the centre provides easy choices for you. They also provide 350 and 500 hour teacher training as well. The full-time 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training is an immersive, life-changing program, providing an understanding of asanas and yogic techniques, personal practice, yoga teaching, history and philosophy of yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, and important insights about how to become a great teacher. 

The full-time 200 hour course is available for $3,845.


  1. Power Living

With its presence in different parts of Australia, Power Living has a beautifully nestled studio at Bondi Beach, Sydney, providing one of the most popular 200 hour yoga teacher training in Sydney. They also offer 500 hour yoga teacher training, providing a comprehensive learning experience for both aspirational and experienced trainers. Approved and recognised by the Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance institutes and delivered by highly-experienced teachers, this centre is a popular melting pot for those looking to deepen their teacher training expertise or simply wish to enhance their personal practice. 

Their courses start at the base price of $2,249.


  1. InYoga

Located in one of the fastest evolving areas around Sydney, the Surry Hills, InYoga is everything you wish for an ideal YTT Sydney. Offering a dynamic and integrated approach to yoga teacher training, InYoga provides both 200 hours and 500 hours yoga training programs. From basic yoga principles to asanas, anatomy essentials, mudras, pranayams, yogic history, philosophy and more, there is a lot you can learn here. 

The courses here are available at a price of $3,780.


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  1. Dancing Warrior Yoga

The Dancing Warrior Yoga is not your average yoga teacher training in Sydney. It is one of its kind centres that also provides mentoring programs where you can start teaching community members once you finish your course. This helps you build more confidence as a teacher and you leave the centre absolutely ready to teach others. From 200 hours (level 1) and 150 hour (level 2) courses available at the centre, these courses are designed to teach new-age learners who want to gain modern teaching techniques blended with traditional yogic knowledge. And this is what this centre provides. 

Their 200 hour teacher training course starts at $3,700.


  1. Sukha Mukha Yoga

If you want easy options, Sukha Mukha Yoga is for you. From 200 hour in studio courses to 200 hour online ones, you can choose the one that suits you the best. The courses are designed in such a way that they provide comprehensive development of individuals, preparing them well to become a successful yoga trainer. From Yoga philosophy and asanas to meditation, pranayama, teaching methodology, mind science, anatomy and physiology, there is a lot you can learn here.

These flexible courses are available at $3,700. 


  1. Kriya Yoga Studio

Nestled in the Seven Hills, Sydney, the Kriya Yoga Studio offers a 200 hour teacher training course that has been designed to keep the busy lives we all live. This means that the lessons have been well-spread out to ensure that things are not too demanding. However, the course does require your full-time commitment. Providing a solid foundation of yoga practice and philosophy, this course helps learners to competently teach yoga in groups as well as in private classes. From the philosophy of yoga to the intricacies of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, this course offers it all. 

This course is available at a price of $3,000.


  1. Swami’s Yoga Retreat

Located in the 60-acre bushland just on the outskirts of Sydney, Swami’s Yoga Retreat is a centre beautifully nestled amidst. Whether you want to become a professional yoga trainer or just wish to dig deep into the yogic lifestyle, this centre offers it all. The course offers a lot of flexibility providing lessons in theory, flexible practical teachings, workshops and a lot more in the elementary, certificate and diploma structure. 

The fee structure depends on which course and plan you choose.


  1. Byron Yoga Centre

For those with a busy life, here is a course that offers complete flexibility for aspiring yoga trainers. The Byron Yoga Centre’s part-time 200 hour yoga teacher training in Sydney is partnered with The Yoga Room, offering Level 1 YTT. It is ideal for those who have time constraints for attending residential, full-time courses. Even though a part-time course, it provides all the necessary modules for proper training, helping you kickstart your career as a professional yoga trainer. 

This course is available for $3,100.


Sydney continues to attract a global community of travellers and excitement seekers for more reasons than one. And in recent years, it has become a popular destination for yoga teacher training courses offering a wide range of modules. Similarly, you can begin your career as a professional yoga trainer by being part of our Yoga teacher training course in Bali at the same price. Additionally, get the advantage of undergoing YTT in a luxurious Bali resort.