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10 Red Flags To Look Out For When Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training

Have you dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher? Well, your dream can come true, as there are many yoga teacher training centres in the world. But, the best place to learn yoga is when you are close to nature and one of the cities that fulfil these criteria is Bali. This city is surrounded by lush green forests and the Indian ocean, which makes it an ideal place to learn an ancient health science like ‘Yoga’. Bali is home to hundreds of yoga teacher training centres, each offering a different set of features to the students. However, it is important to understand that every yoga teacher training in Bali is not of the best quality, so one must have all the tools to decipher the high quality programs from those that are not.

Ideally, one should research about the yoga schools and how they will help transcend your future as a yoga teacher before committing to any program. You must ensure to value their knowledge and experience. Along with that, you need to check if you resonate with their vibe and personalities or not. Remember, you will spend a significant amount of time with your yoga trainers, so this entire process will only be fruitful if you are able to get along with them.  

If you want to know 10 red flags while choosing a yoga teacher training centre in Bali, then here are those:

Not Registered with Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance doesn’t guarantee the quality of a yoga teacher training program in Bali because anybody can apply by submitting an application and getting it approved. However, some changes have been made in the Yoga Alliance of late to tighten up the approval process so that all the yoga schools and trainers should meet the standards set up by Yoga Alliance. 

All registered yoga schools must be transparent in terms of their curriculums, team of trainers and other important things. In the case of an unregistered school, there won’t be any screening and transparency, so your source of information about the school could be limited to its website and social media, which are often biased and misleading.  

Large Group Size

Everybody knows that ‘Quality is inversely proportional to quantity’, which means, if the quantity increases, the quality comes down. This stays true even for yoga teacher training programs in Bali. Yoga can only be learned in a peaceful and friendly environment, but when there are too many people in a group like more than 30 or 40,  then that would lead to less personal attention from teachers make sure they have assistant teachers and helpers Moreover, some students feel good with large groups but some don’t open up when there are too many people around, so they won’t be able to express their opinions and ask questions. So better ask yourself too what you will prefer.

Short Runtime

One of the most popular programs is 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, which takes around 22 days to complete, but if the program runs for less than 22 days, then the yoga school isn’t teaching you everything, or even if they are, it is going to be very exhausting for you to understand each and everything in such a short span of time. 

Too many trainers or incapable teaching faculty

If you have scoured the yoga schools online, then you must have found several schools where they have listed dozens of lead trainers. This is done to leave a good impression on prospective students, but a large faculty has more drawbacks than benefits. There might be a chance that when you enrol in such a yoga school, you won’t find a big team at all. Many yoga schools hire different trainers throughout the year, where they provide them with a fixed curriculum and trainers just teach it to students. Sometimes, yoga schools hire trainers from different parts of the world with each knowing a different style of yoga, which could create a conflict due to differences in opinions. There should be a head trainer, who will keep everybody on the same page to ensure that the training process can go smoothly. So ask who is the lead trainer and check his or her experience too. 

Lack of trainers

If too many trainers is a problem, then having One lead trainer and no supportive team in 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali is also a big red flag. No matter if the trainer is experienced, he/she won’t be able to teach efficiently . There must be at least 3 to 4 trainers in the training otherwise The trainer will get exhausted way quickly; therefore, it is important to have a team of supporting teachers who would share the duties with the lead trainer in order to alleviate his/her stress. A sole trainer won’t be able to give as much personal attention as you would have liked because there are too many students to tend to. 

 Lack of focus on teaching skills

There is no doubt that yoga is a subjective experience where you need to get yourself fully indulged into the practice in order to become a good yoga teacher. But, at the same time, you need to look for yoga schools that stress on direct experiences and don’t pay enough attention to how to develop teaching skills. You may like their overall ‘ashram’ like feel, but you need to ensure that the activities you perform at the school need to be a part of your teacher training curriculum. Along with that, the whole training program should also include time to dedicate towards developing your yoga teaching skills. 

Too many breaks during the training program

Whether it is a 200 hour or 300 hour yoga teacher training program in Bali, students need breaks in between to relax and unwind themselves, but too many days off during the program can impact the overall flow of the program. Yoga schools should set the program meticulously so that students get enough time to relax their minds and recuperate their bodies. However, there should be a sense of discipline in the school to finish the program on time and help students achieve their goals. 

Too many yoga styles in the offing

It may sound great to know that the yoga school can teach different yoga styles, but to be honest, this feature isn’t helpful for students as they end up excelling in none of the styles in the end. Many yoga schools teach Yin and Vinyasa yoga as a complimentary course to empower their students with more knowledge and tools, but teaching 5-6 styles of yoga is nothing but feeding students with too much information that they won’t be able to process efficiently, leaving them unprepared as a yoga teacher. In 200 hr Learning Foundations of Hatha amd Vinyasa will be the Right way to start so you don’t get overwhelmed with unnecessary information. 

Trainers are not dedicated yoga practitioners

If your trainers just focus on giving training to others and don’t take time to practise yoga, then that’s a warning sign for you. By practice, I don’t mean doing yoga poses on the mat, but they should feel good about doing the pranayama, meditation, reading scriptures and discussing yoga, for this do proper research about the trainers. 

Fewer User Reviews

In today’s world, if anybody likes or hates your work or service, they definitely spare a minute to leave you a review. So, if you find that the yoga school has very few reviews and testimonials, then that’s a big red flag. There must be enough reviews, with the majority of them being positive, for you to trust them. Good user reviews are an indication of the honesty and transparency that you can expect from the yoga school. A few bad reviews shouldn’t bother you as long as the school demonstrates its willingness to improve its past shortcomings. 

Final Words

These were the 10 red flags that you should watch out for when choosing a yoga teacher training program. If you wish to pursue a career as a yoga teacher, make sure to enrol yourself at the best yoga school; these red flags will help you with it.

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