7 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Perth

Perth, fondly also referred to as Australia’s sunniest capital, is home to scenic soft-sand beaches, plenty of art galleries, street art hubs, creative cafes and beautiful public parks. It sure then makes sense that Perth has a lively community of people who come together and celebrate life to the fullest. 

Just as vibrant as city life is, Perth is also gaining popularity as a hub for yoga teacher training. A number of popular yoga centers and studios provide professional yoga teacher training, making Perth one of the fastest-growing YTT hotspots across the globe. Be it full-time yoga teacher training in Perth or a relaxed part-time course, you can find a suitable course in Perth with absolute ease. 

Diverse modules, expert and professional teachers, certified courses, an involved yoga community and affordable rates make Perth a city that can easily fulfil your desire to kickstart your career as a professional yoga trainer. 

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7 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Perth

  1. Flow Space Yoga

The Flow Space Yoga provides 200 hour Vinyasa Flow and Hot Yoga of the highest standard. From wishing to be a professional trainer to wanting to extend your understanding of yoga, these courses are perfect for both aspects. These courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance and provide a lot more than just the techniques to teach yoga. These courses are an opportunity to understand how yoga impacts your life as a whole. 

You can contact the center directly to get the fee information.


  1. Yoga School of India 

If the authenticity of learning is on your mind, then join the Yoga School of India for the best yoga teacher training in Perth. From developing a strong body and mind to learning the art of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, the 200 hour YTT at the Yoga School of India provides it all. The course offers learnings in asanas, holistic anatomy, practical teaching methodology and mock group training classes, the training center is an ideal place to start your career as a professional yoga trainer. 

The fee structure can be obtained from the center.


  1. Yab Yum Yoga

With a vision to produce confident and talented yoga teachers, Yab Yum Yoga is one of the most popular yoga teacher training in Perth. Their 200 hour Vinyasa Flow course enables learners to realize their style of teaching so that they can develop their own unique way of teaching others. While all the basics of yoga teacher training are taught here, the center also provides mentorship and support programs to enhance the understanding of learners and guide them to be unique in their offerings. 

This course is available at $4,900.


  1. Tamara Yoga

The yoga teacher training at Tamara Yoga center offers meaningful, insightful and practical teachings. Their experienced staff and trainers ensure that every learner gets equal attention and gets to understand the techniques and philosophy of yoga well. Their intensive yoga teacher training in asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation helps learners intensify their personal practice while becoming highly-qualified teachers. The course has been structured in such a way that it gives learners time to develop as a teacher and find their own style. 

This course is available at $2,995.


As great Perth is as a destination for yoga teacher training, you can also become part of the most authentic yoga teacher training in Bali at the same price. Our carefully curated course provides a deep understanding of everything yoga. 

  1. Bloom Yoga Room

If you wish to be a part of a yoga teacher training in Perth that is truly different from the rest, then register yourself with Bloom Yoga Room. The YTT here is taught with a feminine perspective, with a perspective of nurturing the mind, body and soul so that your development as a trainer is not limited to just teaching the physical aspect of yoga. This transformative course provides the right inspiration, skills and expertise to impart meaningful training to others. 

The 200 hour YTT course is available at $4,900.


  1. Fremantle Yoga Centre 

One of the most comprehensive and flexible yoga teacher training in Perth, the course at Fremantle Yoga Center emphasises practical and hands-on knowledge to completely immerse into the art of yoga as a trainer. The course will soon be partly available online for those who can’t visit Fremantle frequently or have financial constraints. A team of highly qualified and experienced trainers provide the training here, helping learners become expert trainers themselves. 

You can avail of this course at $6,600.


  1. Yoga Hub Perth

The Yoga Hub Perth is known for providing unhurried learning, developing a thorough understanding of the whole system of yoga. The center promises that learners will be able to graduate with a wholesome understanding of yoga, deep-rooted practical knowledge of yoga techniques and meaningful mentorship relationships that will help them impart their knowledge to others more effectively and efficiently. 

This 200 hour YTT can be availed of at $4,500.


Perth is a lovely city with an artistic bend. Similarly, yoga teacher training in Perth is equally satisfying. With several centers offering wholesome and holistic training, you will be spoilt for choice. So, it is better that you check out our list and decide which center suits your requirements the best. 

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