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Are you a yoga practitioner or a seeker?

A yoga enthusiast is like a seed,
With a passion for the practice that they need.
They come to class with eager hearts,
Ready to explore what yoga imparts.

Image by Wiroj Sidhisoradej on Freepik

But a yoga adept is like a blooming flower,
Their love for the practice grows by the hour.
They’ve taken their practice to the next degree,
By completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training, you see.

With deeper knowledge and skill,
They guide others with love and will.
They share their passion and spread the light,
And make yoga accessible to all, day and night.

So whether you’re an enthusiast or adept,
The practice of yoga will uplift.
For both are on a path to well-being,
Connected by the love and light that they’re seeing.