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Yoga New Vision Training: Holistic Wisdom in Action for Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Well Being

Yoga New Vision’s trainings provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to nurturing the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and blissful aspects of individuals.

Founded with an innovative understanding and practical vision, it aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern perspectives of Yoga, allowing students to experience both traditional and modern point of view of Yoga. By bringing together monks, swamis, mystics, and scientific methods, we have successfully trained over 5,000 students worldwide since 2009.

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Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Our 200-hour yoga teacher training course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to shine asan  outstanding Yoga Teacher.. Covering everything from asanas to anatomy, you’ll have the opportunity to practice teaching in real-world settings.

Here’s to understand our Key principles and concepts of Yoga New vision:

1. Holistic view: Our teachers view individuals as integrated wholes, emphasizing the importance of understanding the person in their entirety rather than focusing on isolated parts and work on overall growth.

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2. Here and Now: We encourage and give understanding to connect with the present moment. We believe that insights and healing occur by focusing on this moment by paying attention to our current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

3. Self Awareness: Our methodology places a significant emphasis on increasing self-awareness. This involves being mindful of one’s body, mind and emotions.

4. Social Connection and Community Building: Students gather in group settings to engage in Yoga and Life related interactions, Meditative reflections both In and out of sessions, creating an organic and vibrant Yogi Community. We aim to cultivate a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all.

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5. Emotional intelligence and Release: Our daily practices, including asanas, pranayama (yogic breathwork), meditation, and philosophy classes, are designed to help students tap into their emotions, which may be stored in the body, and release them gently and passively. Yoga offers a loving approach to emotional well-being.  Ancient subtle ways of Love, Devotion and compassion are introduced to help individuals to be emotionally intelligent.

6. Creative Experimentation: Our Teachers often use Eastern Traditional Yogic methods and Western Scientific experiments to facilitate self-discovery. This may include Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative yoga Methods together or separately,  Ancient Indian and modern Breathing techniques, Self-enquiry from eastern and western perspective to bring inner clarity and a new vision. Different rituals, Yogic and Modern Meditations,  Mantra chanting, Kirtan and much more to ignite the wisdom so students can explore different aspects of themselves.

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7. Freedom and Responsibility: We encourage our yoga students to take personal responsibility for one’s choices and actions. In Indian Yogic history this is the only way towards freedom. Once a yoga student understands that becoming responsible for their inner state empowers them, they recognize the power within their own hands. We encourage students to take ownership of their experiences and to explore how they contribute to their own Wellbeing.

8. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Our program is carefully crafted to integrate stable, rhythmic, balanced, and expressive asana practices derived from the YNV method, proven to significantly reduce stress. Through the blend of breathwork, movement, mantra, and meditation, our approach promotes relaxation, allowing students to experience a deep sense of calm and tranquality.

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9. Health, Happiness, Peace, Joy and Vitality: The core objective of the YNV method is to dissolve blockages, allowing yoga practitioners to achieve greater health, happiness, and a deeper connection to joy and vitality. In our well-rounded yoga course students experience increased energy levels, a heightened sense of aliveness, and an overall uplifted mood.

10. Self development or Yoga teaching: Our Yoga course caters to both personal practice and potential teaching aspirations. We equip students and practitioners  with comprehensive methods and tools to nurture their own health and happiness with love and awareness. Should they choose to pursue teaching yoga, our course ensures they have access to both Eastern wisdom and modern understanding, empowering them to share, teach, and guide others with dedication and a profound understanding of the practice.


Bringing Sacred Ancient Teachings to Contemporary Modern Lifestyle 

Our Synthesis comes from the Teachings of indian mystics who knows that, The Material world and the Spiritual world do not have to be separate. In fact, they go hand in hand. This union is also part of yoga.


In the world of Yoga, it is essential to integrate knowledge and practices from both Traditional Indian Ancient Wisdom and Modern Western Science.

Indian Yogic wisdom is all about spiritual growth through asana(hatha /vinyasa) methods of meditation, breathing, studying and applying yogic philosophy, Psychology, such as Yoga Sutras, Mantras(affirmations), Chakras, and Subtle Energy Medicine in daily life.

Western Science gives us evidence-based research on biomechanics, Anatomy, physiology, alignment to understand the physical and physiological effects of yoga practice.

The Aim of Yoga New Vision is to harmoniously blend both these worlds so that Yoga Students and Teachers can comprehend how the principles of Yoga are applicable in daily life and how it can be a successful business or a service-oriented practice.

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