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Woman doing yoga outdoor in front of mountain view

How does yoga help in healing?

Yoga is a balm for the weary soul,
A healing touch that makes us whole.
It’s like a ray of light in the dark,
Guiding us to a path with a heart.

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With each inhale, a release of stress,
With each exhale, a sense of rest.
The practice of yoga brings peace and calm,
Soothing the mind, and nurturing the palm.

Through a 200-hour yoga teacher training,
You’ll learn to tap into this healing refrain.
You’ll discover the power of the breath,
And learn how to use it to heal and refresh.

You’ll explore the wisdom of the body,
And how to listen to its story.
You’ll find new ways to move and flow,
And how to let go of what you don’t know.

You’ll learn how to use yoga to heal,
And how to share this gift that’s so real.
And as you delve deeper into the art,
You’ll find that the path has a healing heart.

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