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Rediscovering Yourself: A Journey With Breath and Innocence

Hey dear souls,

Isn’t it fascinating how children seem to live in their own little heaven right here on Earth? It’s like their bodies and souls are dancing together in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful symphony of life. You know, there’s a profound wisdom in cherishing that childlike oneness, and I’d love to share a heart-to-heart chat about how we can bring that magic back into our lives.

Our friend Lao Tzu from China had this beautiful approach to spiritual practice, a kind of inner union where every action becomes a dance with the soul. Imagine walking and becoming the very act of walking with no separation .Sounds poetic, right? It’s about melting the boundaries between the doer and the act, creating oneness within ourselves.

To enjoy life like children we need to be more sensitive. Children have that oneness but they are not aware about it.  we have to move towards that state but with wisdom.

When we start becoming present with every act , in that totality we can rejoin our senses and the intellect, our body and the soul. This embrace is referred to in yoga as the inner union, where the consciousness within becomes one with the act.

Yoga refers to intelligence as the male(Yang) or Sun element and to the nature of the body as the female(Yin) or moon element. When they  become one, in a single embrace, then the joy of samadhi is attained.

What is the method for it, how can we achieve this state?

There is a simple Taoist Method. 

Now, let’s talk about the method and breath, the gentle rhythm of life. Ever noticed how a child’s abdomen rises and falls as they breathe? That’s where Lao Tzu guides us – breathing from the navel, embracing a relaxed state. As we grow, we tend to breathe from the chest, creating a separation between mind and body. Let’s bring our breath back home to the navel, where the magic happens.

And yes, desires – those tricky little things! Lao Tzu suggests something profound to have success in your practice to accept your desires completely, just like a child. Embrace them, and you’ll find freedom from their grip. It’s like becoming the master of your senses by accepting them wholeheartedly.

Now, let’s dive into a simple breath-sadhana, a journey to bring our breath to the navel. As you breathe in, let the abdomen rise; as you breathe out, let it fall. Feel the chest still. It’s like rediscovering the gentle rhythm of a child’s breath.

Next, focus on the outgoing breath, allowing the incoming breath effortlessly. Empty your breath without striving to breathe in or out. It’s a dance with the universe, a beautiful connection to the Tanden, that sacred point near the navel.

Closing your eyes, bring your awareness around the navel center – becoming as tender as a flower, as innocent as a child. Your eyes, like liquid pools of wisdom and innocence, mirroring the stars in heaven.

Dear ones, let’s enjoy this journey of rediscovery, where every step is a loving embrace of our true selves. Embrace your breath, embrace your desires, and dance through life with the innocence of a child. You are the walking, the breathing, the oneness. Welcome to the beautiful journey of embracing your divine union within.

The way of Yoga New vision is rooted in loving guidance and bringing all the ancient teachings of east under one roof.

The Real essence of yoga lies not in physical forcing but in understanding and honoring your body’s unique limits, finding comfort, and creating steadiness within each pose. Remember always, Yoga is a journey of self-exploration, self-care and self-love. 

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