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Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Hawaii

Just the mention of the name ‘Hawaii’ conjures up images of sandy white beaches, the gentle breeze tickling the leaves of the coconut trees, the sound of ocean waves lapping against the shore! With its amazing views, world-renown beaches, and tropical climate, Hawaii provides the ideal environment for Yoga Teacher Training.

With so many 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings available in Hawaii, it can get rather daunting even beginning to figure out which one to go with! Let us help get you started with a list of five top Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Hawaii.

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10 best Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Hawaii

Hawaii Yoga Institute 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Hawaii Yoga Institute is committed to the living art of yoga. They aim to foster an environment which is conducive to its members collective learning, growing and discovery. Their educational model is designed to facilitate personal development, self-reflection and awareness, movement, meditation, and spirituality.


Focus: Multi-style yoga, with focus on alignment and providing a well-rounded education and training, which among other things is inclusive of Yoga Humanities (history, philosophy, ethics), and Anatomy and Physiology. 

Duration: 21 days intensive.

Investment: $3,500 USD

Open Space Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii

A holistic studio which offers not only a wide variety of yoga classes, but also a plethora of holistic events, including ayurvedic workshops, sound healing sessions and yogic philosophy lectures by trained experts.


Focus: Multi-style yoga, with strong emphasis on anatomical and physiological studies and their application in the poses and a yoga practice.
Duration: 1 month intensive.
Investment: $3000 USD

Yandara Yoga Institute 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Hawaii

One of the most established Yoga Teacher Training schools in the world, Yandara Yoga Institute believes in yoga from the heart, and offers a variety of professional holistic programs, including 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses, 100-hour Sound Bath Healing Courses, 100-hour Breath and Meditation Courses, and 100-hour Bhakti and Mantra Yoga Courses.


Focus: Multi-style yoga, with a professional curriculum program designed to provide not only education and training through lectures and discourses, but also hands-on experience and interaction with teachers and peers.
Duration: 17 days.
Investment: $3,250 USD

Maui Yoga Shala 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

Maui’s most established yoga and dance studio for over 25 years, Maui Yoga Shala is an internationally recognized establishment, with a team of senior teachers who have studied under the direct guidance of yoga masters.


Focus: To lay a solid foundation for practitioners wishing to grow into teachers, through in-depth study of the yoga poses, pranayama, teaching methodology and yoga philosophy.

Duration: 24 days.

Investment: $3,100 USD

Mangala Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Hawaii

Through deep dedication and devotion, Mangala Yoga aims to provide a warm sense of community, along with a wide range of classes and workshops led by knowledgeable and passionate teachers. They believe in the power of individual transformation and the ripple effect of personal work, hence Mangala Yoga was designed to provide a safe, inviting and inspiring platform for students to do their inner work.


Focus: Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The course is designed to train participants the unique and dynamic Vinyasa Flow yoga sequencing, and provide the opportunity for students to enhance their communication skill and find their voice, all important components in becoming an effective yoga teacher.

Duration: 15 days.
Investment: $2,500 USD

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Yoga Awareness 200-Hour Teacher Training Course Hawaii

Established by TeddSurman and Masumi, the Yoga Awareness Center is aligned with Krishnamacharya Desikachar yoga lineage of teachers, providing one of the most authentic and traditionally bent YTT courses in Hawaii. While Tedd comes with extensive knowledge and experience in the highest level of yoga training, Masumi is an expert in Raja Yoga from the Krishnamacharya-Desikachar yoga lineage.


Focus: The YTT mainly focuses on self-development through Kriya Yoga, an intensive study of the right attitude towards yoga. The course provides in-depth teachings of asana (theory, practice and demonstration), Kriya and Ashtanga yoga, pranayama, practice of chanting, meditation (theory and practice), Ayurveda, teaching theory, verbal teaching training, sequencing, anatomy and physiology.

Duration: 45 half days

Investment: $4,500 USD

Wisdom Flow Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in Hawaii

Home to Jennifer Lynn’s knowledge and yoga wisdom, this unique yoga center is located in Maui, Hawaii. Jennifer, who has been teaching Anusara and Vinyasa since 1999, works to provide people with a chance to reclaim their inner peace, real joy and well-being. The courses here are designed to go at a peaceful pace so that students can soak in the essence of yoga and develop their own style.

Focus: Their 200-Hour YTT has been carefully designed. It includes knowledge-sharing about how the body works and make-up, alignment principles to refine yoga poses, clear breathing and inspirational philosophy in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.


Duration: 16 days intensive

Investment: $2,700 USD

Konalani Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in Hawaii

With 100 years of tradition and 4 generations of meditation masters, Konalani Yoga brings informed teaching and holistic training to make you a complete trainer with a perfect combination of traditional yogic knowledge and the ability to conduct modern-day classes. Based in Kailua Kona, Konalani Yoga is a beautifully placed center to get your YTT.


Focus: This extensive course provides authentic yogic knowledge backed by modern teaching techniques. Apart from in-studio training, the program also provides the option of 30-day online training for those who wish to do it remotely. It teaches asanas from a contemporary perspective, foundational meditation for aspiring trainers and more intensive training for experienced ones.

Duration: 21 days intensive

Investment: $2,749 USD

Shivakali Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Hawaii

Soaked in the philosophy of preserving the ancient spiritual wisdom of yoga and balancing it with modern ideas, Shivakali Yoga offers learners a unique spiritual journey. The courses are not just about learning how to teach but also about getting deep inside the intricacies of yoga so that every individual gets to understand what they wish to take from it.


Focus: This center provides a wholesome learning experience in a beautiful natural setting. It teaches conducting Vinyasa-based classes in addition to teaching restorative postures, pranayama and meditation. The course invokes the inner power of every learner to find exactly what they wish to master in terms of being a trainer.

Duration: 18 days

Investment: @3,550 USD

Soma Yoga Institute 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

Placed in one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii, Kapaau, the Soma Yoga Institute is an ideal center for immersing yourself in training mode and starting your journey as a yoga trainer. Here, you can not only learn to teach but also unwind in the lap of nature and reconnect with yourself in peaceful surroundings.


Focus: The 200-Hour yoga teacher training provides a solid foundation in Hatha yoga, anatomy, modifications and adaptations of different kinds of bodies, mantras, breath exercises, yoga sequencing, how to build a yoga business, sharing yoga practices safely and teaching how to do it, etc. by well-trained yoga instructors.

Duration: Connect with the center for the exact duration

Investment: $2,497

Hawaii might be a global destination for tourists looking for an exciting experience. However, it has emerged as an equally popular destination for those looking to shape their career as a yoga trainer. The several professional training centers and YTT courses available, a high number of yoga enthusiasts can be seen traveling to these beautiful islands.

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