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What Training Should You Choose To Become A Yoga Teacher?

For yoga enthusiasts, it is possible to become a teacher by following the proper training process. But how do you choose from a catalog of courses as vast as the yoga teachings that exist? Here are the answers to your questions to take the plunge.

More and more yoga lovers want to train more in yoga to become a yoga teacher. Yoga training is a real life change and allows you to learn a lot of things about yourself.

If you are really passionate that taking courses is no longer enough for you and you want to pass on this discipline, there will always be room for you. So, if your passion convinces you and you want to take the plunge to become a teacher, here are some tips for choosing your training wisely!

Yoga Alliance Certification To Make The Right Choice

The important thing is to choose seriously, Yoga Alliance-certified training. This is an organization specializing in yoga that lists all internationally recognized training courses and teachers in this discipline. This is a guarantee of quality, which ensures the sincerity of the training.

To have this certification, the school must therefore offer training that meets the Yoga Alliance criteria in terms of theory, philosophy, practice and format. Even if everything is relative, because there are some very good schools not listed by this organization, this allows you to ensure the seriousness of the training and to have a diploma recognized in the world of yoga.

Intense Or Extended Training

The first certification is a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

It is therefore 200 hours of teaching between practice, theory and philosophy of yoga.

To carry them out, there are different formats: intense training over 21 days or spread over several weekends or weeks. Each formula is valid. It will mainly depend on the availability you have and what suits you best. Availability will depend on your professional and/or personal situation (family, children) and physical and emotional condition.

The advantage of the 21-day format is that you are 100% immersed, you wake up yoga, you eat yoga, and you sleep yoga. This allows you to really get involved in this universe. Another advantage is that one can carry out this training abroad, but many people prefer to go to Bali to train themselves, as the natural beauty and calmness of the place blend perfectly with yoga training. Going away from home is a good way to break away from your habits and immerse yourself in another world where you will invest yourself. But you must have a family and professional situation which allows you to leave for a full month.

On the other hand, this type of format is very much involved physically and mentally. You will put your body, but also your mind, into this . You need to be aware of this before investing.

Physically and Mentally, for a month, you are going to live yoga, you will be on a real yogic adventure, think And beyond that, during this training, you will clarify a lot of personal things in the different meditation and introspection classes. You learn a lot about yourself, but it touches emotionally intense things. If you choose this option, you will be physically and emotionally enhance your capabilities to evolve. 

If this type of training does not suit you, there are other more spread-out formats, over 4 weeks or several weekends. These formats are also very interesting because they allow you to assimilate all the information learned after each module. We give the body and mind time to digest them before resuming the next class.

Some organizations offer this format with 4 different weeks away from home. This format can be a good compromise if you want to follow the principle of the intense format but cannot achieve it over 21 days.

Be careful; to have the 200-hour training recognized by Yoga Alliance, you must complete all of your training with the same organization. The training weeks are not cumulative between the different organizations, each school has its own program. You must, therefore, complete all of your hours in the same school.

What Do You Learn During This Month Of Training?

During these 200 hours of training, you will cover all the subjects covered by the philosophy of yoga. Yoga is not just a sporting discipline that we can practice. Yoga is, above all, a way of life where you learn to take care of your body through nutrition and the physical practice of yoga, as well as take care of your mind through meditation and introspection. During this training, you learn to understand how the body works with anatomy lessons.

You also review the different yoga postures by learning the benefits they bring to the body. You get to learn to perform postures correctly and know how to correct them. You discover how to build a course and how to teach this discipline. You study in depth the history of yoga and the basis of the philosophy of this discipline. You discover how to take care of your mind through meditation and breathing.

Yoga is a real art of living whose goal is to live a long, healthy and happy life. This training is therefore very enriching. It’s not about training in a trendy sport but about learning to live happier and healthier. It is, therefore, ideal for becoming a teacher, but also and above all, for learning to be better in your body and your mind on a daily basis.

What Level Should You Have Before Starting Training?

This type of training is designed to work on your all levels; body, mind and soul. It is clearly recommended to have been practicing regularly for at least three months to two years and to be passionate about it.

If you are going there to enrich yourself personally, having a passion to understand your life is unnecessary. Still, if you want to become a yoga teacher, being physically and emotionally readiness about yoga is recommended.

Are You Ready To Teach Yoga After Completing Your Training?

After these 200 hours, we have a good basis to start teaching yoga. But to be a good yoga teacher, 200 hours will never be enough. You must continue to train throughout your life and always continue practice on what you have learned.

If you want to go further, the second certification recognized by Yoga Alliance is the 300-hour advanced training. The two combined training courses allow you to be certified with 500 hours of yoga theory and practice. It is essential to continue training, learn from other yoga teachers and enrich your knowledge with other training.

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