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Yoga training in Australia

15 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Australia 2023

Australia is a land of captivating beauty. From the golden shores that stretch as far as the eye can see to the rugged, ochre-hued Outback that whispers tales of ancient mysteries, this continent is a symphony of natural marvels. Majestic coral reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef, teeming with kaleidoscopic marine life, while lush rainforests like the Daintree Rainforest beckon with their enchanting biodiversity. 

That apart, its jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches, rainforests, deserts, and open vast expanses of land or truly awe-inspiring. This natural beauty has not only attracted millions of tourists and nature lovers to the land Down Under but has become home to several yogis who have established a number of yoga teacher training centers to pass on the knowledge and benefits of this ancient art form to others. 

The sheer number of such yoga teacher training (YTT) in Australia makes choosing the right one a difficult choice. This is why we have narrowed the choice down for you by listing the best yoga teacher training in Australia for 2023. 

Here are the 15 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Australia 2023

Byron Yoga Centre



Located in, as the name suggests, Byron Bay, the Byron Yoga Centre was established in 1988. Offering a large variety of yoga training programs including 12- and 20-day level 1 and level 2 intensives to 500-hour programs, it also offers several specialty yoga teacher training courses like 50-hour yin yoga, 25-hour restorative yoga, and trauma-aware yoga. The centre provides meals and shared accommodation for certain courses, while certain other courses can also be taken online.

Close to the beaches and equally close to the main city, this centre is tucked away peacefully in the lap of nature, making it one of the best yoga teacher training centres in Australia.

The 20 day intensive course costs $4800.

Yoga Theory


Based in Adelaide, Yoga Theory provides a comprehensive certified 200 hour yoga teacher training program that is spread across a duration of two months, making it one of the most popular yoga courses in Adelaide. From yoga techniques, training and teaching methodologies to anatomy and physiology, lifestyle, ethics and philosophy and the intricacies of the business of yoga, this course covers every aspect of becoming a successful yoga teacher. Approved by the Yoga Alliance, Yoga Theory’s teacher training course is designed to teach yoga in a manner that has proven effective in today’s competitive marketplace. A contemporary yoga studio, Yoga Theory is all that you need to enhance your personal practice and establish yourself as a master trainer.

The 200 hour training course is priced at $3,500.

Power Living 


Power Living is one of the most popular yoga courses in Australia. It is located in different places within Australia including Adelaide and Bondi Beach. Apart from onsite training, Power Living also provides online classes for both 200 and 500 hour programs. Their style of teaching is relaxed and slow, simply perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves in the process and gain a deep understanding of yoga. The standard program is split into Core Program, Retreat Immersion, and Assisting Program.

Their 200 hour Teacher Training program costs $3,499.

Krishna Village 


With the aim of promoting a simple, mindful and spiritually engaging life, Krishna Village is located on an organic farm, deep within the foothills of Mount Warning. Their 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Vinyasa yoga is split over a period of six weeks and provides instant nourishing of the mind, body and soul. Not just that, the centre also offers additional courses like the permaculture certification course and Reiki. 

The price of the 200 hour Teacher Training program varies according to the accommodation. The base price starts from $6,260.

Yoga Trinity


The Yoga Trinity provides training programs in Adelaide, Wagga, and Canberra in Vinyasa Flow and Core Yoga programs apart from some other continuing education courses and online training. Their Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training program is a 6-day course spread across a 12-day full-time module that includes online teaching, video resources, writing assignments, webinars and personal practice. What makes this course good is its time-intensive nature as it is not always possible to spare a month for everyone. With a home-learning option available, it is one of the best Yoga Certification Courses in Australia. 

The online courses begin at $3,200 and go up to $4,000.

While Australia is a great destination for professional yoga teacher training courses, you can get equally efficient and the most authentic yoga teacher training programs at almost the same price in Bali as well. Based in a luxury resort in Bali, our specially designed course is perfect for beginners looking to start their yoga trainer career as well as experienced ones wishing to gain in-depth knowledge and skills. Visit our website to know more.

Body Mind Life 


With four studios across Australia, Body Mind Life offers yoga courses, pilates classes and infrared sauna sessions. From 50 hours to 500 hours programs, their courses are perfect for both aspiring and existing yoga teachers. Their 200 hours yoga program is spread across a month with regular classes throughout the week. A shorter and crisper alternative is also available that lasts for a week in an immersive retreat format in Byron Bay. 

The 200 hour YTT courses start at 3,995.

The Yoga Social 


Yoga Social offers training courses, retreats, workshops and classes in both Adelaide and Melbourne. These programs range from 50 hour pre and post natal training programs, meditation and mindfulness teacher training and 200, 350 and 500 hour training programs. Such a wide gamut of offerings makes Yoga Social the best yoga teacher training in Melbourne and Adelaide. Dedicating 3-4 modules in their 3500 and 500 hours training programs, it’s a perfect destination for those wishing to soak in the practices deep into their yoga philosophy. 

Their 200 hour YTT course costs $4,000.

The Yoga Space


Offering yoga classes, workshops special events and teacher training programs for post natal women, children, beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners, the Yoga Special is based in the heart of West Perth. Most of the teacher training programs at this centre are offered in Perth with one module available in Melbourne as well. In addition to these, the centre also offers post graduate programs in Yoga Therapy, Yin and pregnancy and post natal. There are flexible courses available designed for both time-sensitive learners as well as those who want to take things slow, making it a highly desirable training centre.

Details of the course fee can be confirmed by contacting the center directly.

Fire Shaper


Located on the Gold Coast, this centre is dedicated to hot yoga, offering courses like 50 hours Yin immersion, 100-hour Flow Hot Yoga training and a complete full 200-hour Hot Yoga teacher training program (this course is offered in New York as well). With the flexibility and options available, both experienced and new learners can enroll for it. The 200 hour hot yoga course is perfect for those starting their yoga teacher training journey, while the shorter version of the same course can be taken by the existing trainers. 

The 200 hour YTT course starts at $4,700.

Sukha Mukha Yoga


Based in the beachy suburb of Sydney, Bronte, Sukha Mukha Yoga is known for its teacher training programs, workshops, regular yoga classes and several other additional courses. Some of the most popular courses offered here include Chakra Healing and Meditation and Ayurveda Goddess Training. Their teacher training programs include 200, 350 and 500 hours of training courses in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. This centre also provides personal assistance and guidance, making it a perfect destination for aspiring yoga trainers. Through these personal sessions, they can find their strengths, voice as a teacher, skills and the kind of training they wish to provide to the students. 

The 200 hour YTT course is priced at $3,700.

Being Yoga


Located at Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Being Yoga offers full-time and part-time 200 hour yoga teacher training courses (Level 1 and Level 2) in Vinyasa, Restorative, Pre Natal and Art of Living. The Centre also offers online training programs for those who can’t visit physically. There is an online option available for 300 hour yoga training course as well for those who want to take it slow. 

The Level 1 200 hour YTT course is priced at $4,300.

Zenko Yoga


Yet another gen at the Sunshine Coast, Zenko Yoga offers workshops, retreats, corporate wellness programs and yoga teacher training courses with a wide range of additional services. Their part-time 200-hour yoga teacher training program is specifically built for those who already have full-time jobs. With classes spread across 7 long weekends, this program enables learners to practice, stay connected with the trainers and fellow learners through the duration of the course and learn in an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere. 

Their pricing varies as per the training course and membership plans.

Yoga Rhythms


One of the most popular and established yoga teacher training centers, Yoga Rhythms is based on the East Coast with several courses also being provided North of Brisbane. Offering 150 and 200 hours courses approved by Yoga Australia, this place is ideal for all kinds of learners. 

The 350 YTT course is available at $4,400.

Essence of Living


A perfect abode for yoga and pilates teacher training courses, the Essence of Living also offers courses in Yin, Sequencing and Adjusting, Vinyasa and Meditation. Apart from providing teacher training courses, this centre also offers online courses, community classes and private and corporate training as well. The usual ones like the 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training modules are also available. 

The 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Training program is priced at $3,980.

My Health



With in-person, online and retreat classes available for different courses in Gold Coast and Melbourne, My Health is one of the most popular destinations in this area. They offer 200 hour YTT, Level 2 YTT, Pregnancy YTT and Yin YTT Retreats to learners. It also offers a flexible course structure, which is great for working professionals. If you miss a module, the centre allows you to finish those modules with other groups or through online classes. 

The Kids YTT course comes at a price of $1,290.

Pristine beaches, vast expanses of open land, enchanting forests and suitable weather makes Australia an ideal place to learn and practice yoga. No wonder it has become a hotspot for several yoga teacher training courses offering a variety of training modules. So, join this life-altering course and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career. For more information, visit our website.