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Students practicing Yoga in Yoga Teacher Training Course Washington DC

Discover the Best 5 Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainings in Washington DC

So you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, and are now wondering what you can do to further your yogic journey! Or maybe you want to share the joy of yoga, and start teaching others? Why not do a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Washington DC is a culturally diverse city, and is home to numerous well-established yoga studios and experienced teachers who offer teacher training programs from a variety of yoga traditions and practices. If you are looking

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Five best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Washington DC

(Please note this list is not exhaustive and in no particular order.)

Flow Yoga Center 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Washington DC

Voted ‘Best in DC’, Flow Yoga Center has a team of world-class teachers offering classes in yoga, fitness and mindfulness for practitioners of all levels. They aim to provide a safe, beautiful and welcoming refuge for the whole community to not only rest, but also to be playful!


Focus: Vinyasa Yoga. Flow Yoga Center’s program is curated to cover yoga poses, functional alignment and anatomy, mindfulness, subtle body energetics, yoga history and philosophy, breathwork, vinyasa sequencing, assisting, teaching methodology and classroom management, and the business of yoga.

Duration: Long weekends over 3 months, with some online sessions on Thursdays.

Investment: $3150 USD.

Yoga District 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Washington DC


Focus: Students will be trained to teach set sequences from major yoga traditions such as Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and others; as well as create sequences of their own. Yoga District aims to empower their teachers with the unique ability to teach while considering trauma sensitivity and inclusivity.

Duration: Weekdays 2 hours online and full weekends in person for 18 days.

Investment: $3200 USD.

Circle Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Washington DC

Circle Yoga is a local cooperative that offers yoga, meditation, pilates, and other wellness modalities with the aim of inviting students to cultivate self-awareness as well as connect with each other. 


Focus: How to create intelligent class sequences which weave mindfulness, meditation, pranayama and classical yoga philosophy together. Students will also learn how to teach adults of all ages and body types, modify for common injuries and physical conditions, and cue healthy alignment based on the latest anatomical understandings.

Duration: One year – Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays for 14 weeks, and 3 long weekends.

Investment: Please contact Circle Yoga for more info.

Mimi Rieger 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Washington DC

The studio collective of teachers are committed to encouraging a unique, integrative, energetic exchange between student and teacher. They aim to empower the individual to evolve to their best self, while building a strong community.


Focus: The training aims to expose students to a wide range of yoga styles, through having a large roster of guest teachers who specialize in different yoga schools and traditions. Its curriculum is well-rounded, balancing the knowledge, practice, and teachings of numerous yoga traditions with yoga philosophy and ethics, functional anatomy, teaching methodology and various business aspects associated with teaching yoga.

Duration: 10 weekends.

Investment: $3300 USD.

Epic Yoga DC 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Washington DC

Epic Yoga was born out of studio owner Emma Saal’s intention to create a cheerful and safe atmosphere to share her love, passion and knowledge of yoga, martial arts, and dance. The studio has evolved to host a team of yoga teachers who offer a wide range of yoga classes, with the shared intention of making yoga accessible to all, and creating an inclusive community.


Focus: Vinyasa Flow, rooted in the classical traditions of Hatha and Ashtanga. The program has a strong focus on anatomy and physiology, and how to apply these in classes for creative and safe teaching. Students will also learn the art and science of safe and dynamic class sequencing.

Duration: At least 3 days a week, for 4 months.

Investment: $3100 USD.

Two Top Yoga Teachers in Washington DC

(Please note: This list is not exhaustive and in no particular order.)

  1. Faith Hunter is a well-known yoga teacher in Washington DC, and is known for her signature style of yoga called ‘Embrace Your Flow.’ She teaches at her studio, Embrace Yoga, and offers online classes as well. Her journey into yoga and meditation began in the early 90s, when she was looking for ways to manage the stress and emotional pain of her older brother dying of AIDS-related complications. For the past 20 years, Faith has studied yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, and many other wellness modalities.
  2. Susanna Harwood Rubin is a writer, artist, and yoga teacher with a deep understanding of mythology and story-telling. She is the creator of Devi Soul Yoga, and her classes integrate asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting, and are inspired by the stories and symbols of yoga. These practices are combined with careful attention to alignment, and emphasis on the breath.

Three Top Meditation Teacher Training Courses in Washington DC

(Please note: This list is not exhaustive and in no particular order.)

The Mindfulness Centre 160-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in Washington DC


Focus: Online program. Research shows that different meditation practices have different effects on its practitioner. Hence, students will be taught various kinds of meditations, including mantra meditation, self-compassion practices, breathwork meditation, amongst many others, so that they can find a practice which resonates with them, thus cultivating a personal practice that is most rewarding to themselves. Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service providing mindfulness training to the community before graduating.

Duration: Flexible, but must be completed within 24 months of enrolment.

Investment: $1200 USD.

Ananda Washington Meditation Teacher Training Course in Washington DC


Focus: This in-depth study of the stages of meditation, techniques for focusing the mind, relaxing the body and calming the emotions. Students will also be taught teaching methodology, how to counsel students, and also guided on how to deal with various other challenges they may face when teaching meditation.

Duration: 6 Saturdays over 3 months.

Investment: $845 USD.

Mindfulness Northwest Meditation Teacher Training in Washington DC


Focus: Students will be taught how to teach mindfulness from their own experience, through extensive mindfulness practice and reflection. There is also deep emphasis on exposure to a wide variety of mindfulness practices, including movement-based practices based on yoga and qi gong, as well as teaching methodology.

Duration: 9 months.
Investment: $7400 USD.

Two Top Meditation Teachers in Washington DC

(Please note: This list is not exhaustive and in no particular order.)

Tara Brach is a renown meditation teacher, author, clinical psychologist, and the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington. Her teachings blend Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices.


Sharon Salzberg is a meditation teacher and author based in Washington, and the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts. She has been teaching meditation for over 40 years, and her teachings focus on mindfulness and loving-kindness practices.


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