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X Essentials You’ll Want to Bring to Yoga Teacher Training

Now that you have decided to go for yoga teacher training, you must prepare well to ensure that you have a great learning experience and a comfortable stay at the training centre. Depending on how long your yoga training program will last, you may want to pack some essentials that will fulfil your daily needs and take care of other requirements. If you have already been wondering what to bring to yoga class, this list will clear all your doubts.

What to Bring to Yoga Training?

Every new beginning brings some confusion along with it. So, you are not the only one wondering what to bring to a yoga class. Let us help you with it:


We are all now used to scribbling and making notes on our Notepads, iPads, and smartphones. But when you are in a setting where ancient practices like yoga rein, it might make sense to have a notebook handy. You can use these to jot down important details in the class, like the Sanskrit names of different asanas, tips given by the trainer, essential observations during the learning sessions, and more. Apart from that, you may want to keep something for more personal use, such as writing down your experience, your feelings during the sessions, or anything else that you may want to read later on.

Munchies and Snacks

While most yoga teacher training centres offer meals for your comfort, packing some munchies may help you serve yourself at odd hours. Such programs mostly have regulated schedules, and they may serve meals only during dedicated timelines. But as you embark on a stimulating learning experience where you will be working on your body and mind, hunger can strike at any time. So, it might be a good idea to pack some things that you like. Make sure you only choose the healthy options, things that are easy to eat without being too clumsy.


These are multi-purpose additions to your wardrobe. You can use them in various ways, like while doing the asanas, covering yourself if it gets a little chilly, as an extra layer of clothing during beach outings, using them as headgear or simply folding and using them to sit on.

Yoga Mat and Cleanser

If you are wondering why a yoga mat is there on the list of what to bring to yoga class, as most schools provide one at the venue, we would say that having an extra one never hurts. You may decide to take a day off, hit the beach early in the morning and practice yoga on the beach or somewhere outdoors. A yoga mat will come in handy in this situation. Also, don’t forget to pack a yoga mat cleanser. You can use it to clean both the one you carry and the one provided by the training centre.

Basic Medicines

Going to a foreign land always comes with health-related challenges. You never know how your body will react to the local weather and food. So, packing some basic medicines is always a good idea. Include multivitamins, antacids, and anti-allergens, apart from medicines for fever, cold, bad stomach, indigestion, nausea, etc. While most registered yoga teacher training centres provide healthcare assistance, they may even have a doctor on call, but it’s always better to be prepared. Ill-health may strike at any time of the day, so having some medicines by your side would be greatly helpful.

Weather-Friendly Clothes

We assume that you would do enough research on the prevailing weather conditions in the country where you are attending the yoga teacher training course. So, ensure you pack clothes that suit the weather conditions. Light cotton clothes for hot destinations and winter-friendly attire for cold places. You may also want to pack other essentials, like mosquito repellents, etc., for tropical places.

As important as it is to pack everything you need, it is also good to travel light. Carrying too much may spoil the fun of being in a free environment where you just concentrate on yoga training. So, here’s what you can do:

  • Pack minimalist
  • Carry small luggage that is light and easy to carry around
  • Take only basic essentials
  • Don’t carry disposable items; be mindful of the environment

Enrolling on yoga teacher training is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. So, ensure you make the most of it. Our list will ensure that you have a great stay and an equally exciting learning experience.


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