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A Beginner’s guide to finding the right yoga teacher training program

As someone starting on this journey, it would be interesting to know how Yoga was taught and practiced back in the day.

In the East, Yoga was practiced as a spiritual pursuit, and one needed to leave home and specific attachments in order to find inner calm and serenity on the path of yoga. This is called “Gurukul,” a type of education system where shishya (‘students’ or ‘disciples’) would live near or with the guru in the same house for a minimum of 12 years.

It is in the modern period of yoga that innovative and contemporary forms of structures have come into place. The good news is, however, these structures may have evolved, but they all have something valuable to offer in the depth of it.

So whether you find a yoga studio close to you to learn yoga or travel to another country to do a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training, what matters is your inner calling to choose Yoga and follow your path.

And on this path, having a guide to show you some light is helpful. And I’m going to do just that; Share my experience – how to choose Yoga Teacher Training :

How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program?

There are many factors to consider in making this choice. You may have many “Hows,” but I assure you by the end of this article, most of your “Hows” will be answered, and you will find clarity in making a choice.

I have to say that the Yoga Teacher Training program is going to be an enriching experience; you will learn so much about the human body, breathing, mind, and its interconnectedness with the soul/spirit.

Not only that, but You will also get to learn Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Energy system, and also many revelations mentioned in Yogic scriptures that scientists are proving right now.

Any in-depth and authentic teacher training will give you a new perspective on life; in short, it will transform you inside out and in the most natural way.

But how do you find in-depth and authentic Yoga Teacher Training?

Well, there are thousands of programs, and finding Beginner Yoga Teacher Training is as important as finding a life partner (no kidding) since it’s a lifelong experience; it’s good to know what you are signing up for.

While there are no set standards to choose what could be the best choice for you, I will break some things down that will make it easy for you to find the Best Teacher Training programs :

Table of Content:

Step 1: Set your intention

Step 2: Which style of yoga do you want to study

Step 3: Research about syllabus/curriculum

Step 4: How deep you want to go?

Step 5: Duration

Step 6: Your preferred way of learning

Step 7: Choose location

Step 8: Think of cost

Step 9: Research about teachers & school

Step 10: Follow your heart

Set your Intention:

Like in any venture in life, setting an intention and finding clarity of why you are doing what you are doing will keep you moving in the right direction for yourself. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to set a clear intention :

What are your goals?

Are you seeking self-development/inner growth?

Or a change of environment/surroundings.

Do you want to deepen your self-practice? or

Are you willing to make a profession in Yoga Teaching?

After finding answers to these, you will know how further you are ready to go to find the right Teacher Training program for yourself.

Which Style of Yoga do you want to Study:

Let’s take a look at What you learn in yoga teacher training. A lot of training programs will teach you a variety of styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin-Yoga, and Restorative Yoga, to name a few. My suggestion would be to go with something that has Meditation and Hatha Yoga as a main part because Raja Yoga (Meditation) and Hatha Yoga are the foundation of all styles of Yoga that were handed down from the scriptures, such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali Yoga Sutra. And all other styles were developed later based on theme, purpose, and need.


Research about Syllabus/Curriculum:

Knowing what to look for in Yoga Teacher Training is smart. I would suggest you find a balanced program that focuses on all aspects of yoga. And make sure these main components are covered:

  • Asana(Yoga postures),
  • Pranayama(Breathing),
  • Meditation,
  • Anatomy,
  • Philosophy and
  • Teaching skills.
  • You may also wanna inform yourself, “What is 200-hour, 300-hour & 500-hour yoga teacher training” so you can set goals for yourself.

Think about how deep you want to go:

If you are a sincere learner and like to go deeper into the subject, you would find yourself interested in Yoga philosophy. And trust me, this is the game changer because when you understand the philosophy, it’s like getting the nectar of the practice. Everything on and off the mat will make so much more sense if you know the origins of Yoga. And I’m sorry; I don’t want to be biased. Still, I suggest you find authentic Indian Teachers for Philosophy because a Westerner can perhaps learn philosophy academically. Still, it’s a living transmission that comes from being exposed to values and traditions from an early age. And in doing so, you would also be linked to the lineage of Yogis.

YES, You can certainly find good authentic Indian Teachers all around the world who are Spiritual but not religious, Who is weaving in ancient wisdom with modern contemporary practices.


Like many beginners, you must have thought: How long does yoga teacher training take? Well, there are many formats available. However, there are two general formats of 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training. The duration of which depends on how they spread 200 hrs. So, for example, One Format is an Extended program that runs on weekends and may take six months, and Another Format is the most common – Full time six – days week Teacher Training that usually takes 21-22 days.

Your Preferred Way of Learning:

During the Teacher Training, you will receive a lot of information, which is fascinating, enlightening, and life-changing but can also be overwhelming. So you need to figure out a way for yourself. For example, Reading some Yoga books and educating yourself beforehand is one of the ways. Or perhaps doing an extended 200hrs online program; however, if you like to learn in a supported and nurturing environment with like-minded people, unplugging from the daily hustle and immersing in a 200hrs teacher training program would be an ideal choice.

Choose Location:

If your preferred way of learning is an immersive program, then now comes the point of choosing a location; I know it’s always comfortable and easy to study close to home and in a familiar environment. However, Most of the time, our growth lies in going outside our comfort zone, which may involve traveling to a new country to do teacher training. Trust me; nothing is more gratifying than breaking that comfort zone! And when it’s both traveling and studying together, it’s a win-win situation that not only gives you a new experience but also lifelong – like-minded friends on the path. Many students seek teacher training courses in India while some opt for tropical islands luxury style Teacher training courses in Bali and Thailand.
After all, you will be taking four weeks off, so you might as well do it in a beautiful, peaceful, and serene setting that will provide you with the perfect environment to focus on your practice and connect with yourself.

Think Of The Cost (But Only A Little):

It’s good to know how much yoga teacher training costs. The Average for a 200hrs 21 days Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Training would be between $3000-$5000. Decide your budget but let that not be your decision-maker because this is about investing in yourself, which will pay off in changing your life’s quality and perhaps be your best investment. You may be wondering Why yoga teacher training is Expensive? If you are considering finding a Best Yoga Teacher training, there will be a team of the best teachers and at least three weeks of housing and food. That justifies the cost. Think of your Universities fees, and it will make you feel relaxed 😉 Remember, if you are paying for a lifetime experience, may as well choose the best one. Cut down on those shopping curbs, eh, and save for a little longer 🙂

Research About the Teachers and School:

This will make all the difference; you want to know your teachers, their experience, and their qualification. A good way is to follow them on social media and see if you resonate with their energy, voice, and message. Perhaps speak to their ex-students, read the review on Google, and see what their former students are saying about their experience. Do your best to find out, but remember that many hidden gems/introverted people don’t like to engage on social media, so always keep room for your intuition to guide you.
In addition to that, it’s good to know that the values and philosophy of the yoga school should align with your values and beliefs. Look for a school that emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, self-care, and personal growth and aims to provide students with the tools and knowledge they need to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Follow your Heart:

Last but not least, Follow your heart, and this might not sound very logical, but you know for yourself Heart-led decisions are the ones that set you on a soul’s journey!

And once you have chosen your School for 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training, do get in personal touch with them and ask them how to prepare for yoga teacher training; they might give you a list of “What to read before yoga teacher training” or have some online courses to offer you


Next Steps :

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