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Top 5 Places to Learn Yoga for Immersive Learning Experiences

Yoga is an experience in itself. However, you must get to the right place to gain a truly immersive learning experience. Yoga is a practice that unites you with the self and the nature. It is, thus, important to choose a destination that offers a tranquil atmosphere where you can explore your inner self while absorbing the power of nature. No doubt yoga teacher training is gaining prominence, and yoga enthusiasts the world over are travelling great distances to learn this ancient practice. Still, it is important to choose the right training center so that the power of yoga empowers you. In today’s time, there are ample options to choose from as yoga has become a global phenomenon. But if you are not sure what are the best places to learn yoga, then refer to our list.

Best places to learn yoga in the world

Amongst all the places that boast premium yoga teacher training centres, places like Bali, India, New York, etc. are among the best yoga places to learn yoga in the world. Here are our top picks:


A serene and quaint destination that is a top preference for yoga enthusiasts, Bali offers several top-class yoga teacher training centres. If the question which is the best place for a yoga teacher training in Bali still pops into your mind, we will suggest Yoga New Vision as our most preferred choice. Established with the aim of offering the most authentic yoga teacher training to learners, teachers at YNV are yogis and yoga masters who live and breathe yoga. Combining ancient yoga knowledge and modern teaching techniques, YNV offers the best of both worlds, preparing yoga teachers with the right knowledge and understanding to deliver good lessons to learners.


This is where yoga originated centuries ago. So, it comes as no surprise that India takes the top spot in our list of best places to learn yoga in the world. India offers a variety of yoga centers. From the holy city of Hrishikesh to the pristine beaches of Goa, there are plenty of options to choose from. It all depends on what you are looking for. Every city and every yoga training center has something unique and new to offer. You must first be clear about what you wish to learn. It will make the choosing process easy.

New York

You would think, what is a bustling metropolis like New York doing on this list? Surprisingly, New York has some of the world’s most renowned and trusted yoga teacher training schools. Affordable, diverse and inclusive, the yoga teacher training centers in New York are a perfect combination of modern and traditional training experiences. A global city, New York offers a lot more than just a fast-paced lifestyle. Amidst those skyscrapers and the burgeoning urban landscape is a hidden world of a yoga teacher training community offering world-class training to yoga enthusiasts.

Costa Rica

Within the coastlines of the Caribbean and Pacific, Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested country in Central America. The very location, geography, locales, landscapes and weather make this country such a popular hub for yoga teacher training. The country is home to many certified schools headed by experienced yoga trainers. Be it nestled in the jungles or located at the beach, these yoga teacher training centers offer immersive, transformative and engaging yoga teacher training programs, including 200 hours yoga teacher training and 300 hours yoga teacher training. Many of these programs offer lodging, all meals, and opportunities to explore the nearby rainforest and local beaches.

Cape Town

Cape Town, removed from the maddening pace of the world, has its own quaint yoga community. A luring town with a number of world-class yoga institutes has a lot to offer to high-spirited yoga enthusiasts. From well-designed yoga retreats to experienced trainers, Cape Town has it all, making it a popular destination for those looking to get into yoga teacher training. Although it is not as popular as some of the other global destinations, it surely has some of the best yoga teacher training schools. If enrolling in yoga teacher training at a place that offers good lessons and an equally good life is on your mind, then head to Cape Town.

Yoga may be an internal art of igniting your mind and soul. However, where you learn yoga also holds a significant importance. Just as you would like your trainers to be experienced, you should also look at learning this ancient art at a place that offers the peace of mind and comfort required to soak in the teachings. We know that a lot of people struggle to find this perfect combination, and thus, we have created this list.

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